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Part Time & Seasonal Positions

Archeology/Museum Intern - open until June 1, 2015

Full Time Positions

Bookstore and Retail Manager

The Point Reyes Fund for Marine Science



A completed proposal and all supporting materials (or questions) should be emailed to A single PDF of all documents is preferred, but not required.

The application should have 4 sections: (1) Applicant information, (2) Project Description, (3) Budget, and (4 ) Curriculum Vitae. If possible, the overall package should not exceed 8 pages.

  • Use the formatting from numbers 1-4 below to create application (Ideally PDF).
  • Font size must be 11 point or higher.
  • For Students and Post-docs only – One short letter of recommendation that your advisor supports the project. The letter may be submitted by email to or attached to the application as an additional page.



Project Title:

Present position or degree being sought:


Mailing address:

Telephone number:

E-Mail address:

Research advisor (if applicable):

Who letter of support will be submitted by (if applicable):


The project description should have the following sections:

A. Title

B. Introduction.

  • State the problem/questions to be studied, and a brief current status of knowledge.
C. Research Description.
  • Describe the research, include hypotheses and general experimental design. Address sample sizes and statistical approaches when necessary. Brief description of field methods and study site(s). Include a general timeline of the project.

E. Collecting/research/export or other permits:

  • Include a statement as to their status. Research Permits for Point Reyes National Seashore can be applied for at:

F. Describe the significance of the proposed work and benefits to park management

G. Anticipated scientific and popular publications.

H. Describe potential educational opportunties for local students (i.e., talk to a local school, field

I. Literature Cited (may be short or compact format).

Point Reyes Fund for Marine Science Applications due June 22, 2015


Place the Project Budget on a separate page in table format. It can be simple but should include the following:

A. Total projected costs of the entire research project broken down into salaries, supplies & equipment, travel, and other. The budget should specify potential and secured sources of additional funding (or in-kind match) and costs requested from the Marine Science Fund.

B. Brief budget justification for any expenses that are not obvious. (< 250 words).
If travel by automobile is required, an allowance of up to 50 cents per mile may be used in calculating costs.
The following items ARE allowable: consumable supplies, expendable equipment, living expenses in the field, funds for field assistants, travel expenses of the principal investigator.
The following ARE NOT supported: permanent equipment, salary for principal investigator, overhead greater than 5%, conference or meeting costs.



A. The proposal is logically sound and feasible in terms of time frame, access to National Park resources, and personnel.

B. The proposed research addresses management needs and indicates how the research results can be applied to management issues in the local marine environment.

C. The project deliverables are clearly articulated and appropriate in scope.

D. The applicant is well qualified to undertake the proposed research.

E. The proposal is clearly written and complete.

F. The budget appropriately maps onto project objectives and tasks.

G. The proposal advances knowledge of marine ecology in the Point Reyes Region.

H. Educational opportunities for students and the public.

(Please contact if you would like to discuss logistical or technical aspects of your proposed research, or the relevance to park management)

Thank you for your interest!

Bookstore and Retail Manager

Status: Full-time
Reports to: Executive Director

About Point Reyes National Seashore Association (PRNSA)

Point Reyes National Seashore Association (PRNSA) is a cooperating association of the National Park Service. We work in partnership with Point Reyes National Seashore and the public to preserve, restore and maintain wildlife habitat, trails, and historic sites in our beautiful coastal park. Our year-round environmental education programs help children and adults deepen their understanding of nature and inspire the next generation of park stewards.

Position Description

Point Reyes National Seashore Association seeks a full time bookstore and retail manager to lead and supervise operations at 3 separate retail outlets at Point Reyes National Seashore Visitor Centers. The manager position reports to the Executive Director and supervises a small team to support the blending of traditional retail experience and visitor education at Point Reyes National Seashore.


  • Operates day to day bookstore operations and activities for three visitor center locations (Bear Valley, Drakes Beach and the Lighthouse). Duties include driving sales, planning, stocking and displaying merchandise, leading and mentoring a team, performing all banking functions and financial reporting, managing inventory, building and maintaining relationships with internal and external communities and practicing high level customer service.
  • Acquires, designs and researches new products in accordance with National Park Service policies
  • Works with PRNSA membership to drive recruitment of new members
  • Works with NPS Interpretation Division and PRNSA management to determine approved materials, coverage, and needs of bookstore.
  • Address visitor concerns and resolve problems.
  • Keeping current with industry standards, new developments, and market trends.
  • Other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree desirable
  • Hands on experience successfully managing a retail operation and team is required
  • Experience working with budgets
  • Strong collaboration, customer service and communication skills
  • Must have own vehicle, current license and auto insurance (mileage reimbursed)
  • Have an understanding of  supervision, training, volunteer management and retention
  • Effectively utilize computer equipment and programs, and retail related machines
  • High level of analytical, research, problem solving and organization skills
  • Establish and maintain effective, and cooperative relationships with NPS, vendors and park visitors.

Compensation and Schedule

  • Salary depending on experience, range is 34k-50k per year, plus full benefits package, including medical and dental, paid time off
  • Full time, must be able to work weekends and holidays, depending on store needs and special events
  • Open until filled
Please email your resume and cover letter to
Please use the subject line: PRNSA Bookstore and Retail Manager
To learn more about Point Reyes National Seashore Association, please visit our website at