Adventure Camp (ages 12 to 16)

Designed especially for teens, Point Reyes Adventure Camp features professionally-led backpacking trips into the heart of Point Reyes' Phillip Burton Wilderness.

Participants develop confidence and build leadership skills while practicing “leave no trace” wilderness ethics. Each backpacking group of 13 youth is guided by one professional Naturalist Educator and two trained Counselor Intern Naturalists, all of whom have significant wilderness and youth leadership experience.

Adventure Camp I participants (ages 12 to 14) share a 3-day backpacking trip with their cabin group of the same gender and end the session with a reunion feast and campfire finale. Adventure Camp II participants (ages 14 to 16) share 4 days in the backcountry in a mixed gender group and end the session with a reunion feast and dance party.

Participants must be prepared to hike up to eight miles per day over varied terrain while carrying a 30 to 40 pound backpack. PRSC provides all group gear including tarp shelters, cooking equipment, first aid supplies, meals and snacks.

PLEASE NOTE: Except for scholarship recipients, all participants are expected to bring a synthetic mummy-style sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpacking backpack, 2 water bottles. mess kit, flashlight and extra batteries, and appropriate clothing. A complete gear list is provided upon registration.

We encourage 14 year olds with no backpacking experience to register for Adventure Camp I.


Adventure Camp I - for ages 12 to 14
Monday through Friday
     Session 3:  July 6-10, $710

Adventure Camp II - for ages 14 to 16
Monday through Saturday
     Session 6:  July 27-August 1, $815

Online registration will begin iat 7:30 am on Thursday, January 15, 2015.
Check back here for access to the online registration portal.
Full payment is required upon registration.

Please Note: Point Reyes Summer Camp sessions are optimally designed for the stated age groups. Please do not register your child in a session for which they are not eligible. Any child enrolled in a session for which they are not age-appropriate will be dropped from the program and a $50 processing charge will be retained.

Supervision, instruction, accommodation, food, group gear, and a camp t-shirt are included in the registration fee. Transportation to and from camp is not included.