PRNSA Field Institute Instructor

Bill Ruck has been a radio enthusiast since he was very young and heard his father's stories of being a radio mechanic for the U.S. Army, servicing radios on Liberty and Victory ships during World War II. Bill was an aviation electronics technician in the Navy during the Vietnam War and spent the next 20 years working as an engineer for local San Francisco radio stations KFOG-KNBR. For the past 15 years he has been Principal Engineer with CSI Telecommunications, Inc. He holds an FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License with Ship Radar Endorsement and is a Certified Telecommunications Engineer with a Master RF Radiating Endorsement from iNARTE. He is a third-generation native San Franciscan.

Recently he was named "Fellow for Historic Preservation" by the California Historical Radio Society for his work on the KPH Project.



There are currently no upcoming classes by this instructor. Please check back later.

an aerial view of the Point Reyes headlands with a green-topped bluffs overlooking the ocean.