Gina is a skilled environmental awareness facilitator with a passion for helping people tune-in to Nature's hidden stories. Gina is known for her framing of the conversation about our American coyote as the past communications director and current Advisory Board member for the national nonprofit, Project Coyote. She educates nationally on the biology and behavior of coyotes and successful coexistence with wildlife.

For over a decade, Gina has also documented and interpreted the complex relationships of our Marin home through her natural sound recordings. Her soundscapes reveal the intimate relationships within the greater community of life that each moment reveals. Gina has pioneered the natural sounds interpretive programs in the Mt. Tamalpais watershed and at Audubon Canyon Ranch. Her Audubon recordings were selected for Radio London's global community initiative, "Each Morning of the World," to amplify and connect our commitment to a better world for all. A native of Marin, Gina produces and hosts, "Wild Sound Stories," a multimedia partnership with Point Reyes National Seashore, Muir Woods Monument, WildCare, Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, SPAWN, and others. She participated in the Natural Quiet and Dark Skies education program at the National Park Service and helped Muir Woods to communicate the value of quiet places for preserving ecological integrity and deepening visitor experience.

You can usually find Gina sitting under the wild stars in the middle of the night with her recorders nearby, and sometimes a curious coyote.



There are currently no upcoming classes by this instructor. Please check back later.

an aerial view of the Point Reyes headlands with a green-topped bluffs overlooking the ocean.