I am a photographer who enjoys finding and sharing scenes in this wonderful universe.

I started taking pictures over 40 years ago as records of travels and family. But I became serious about improving my photos a few years ago. I enjoy photographing nature and landscapes, but I think the most beautiful pictures are of people. We are genetically programmed to find beauty in others. 

My favorite photographs now are of people in either fantasy scenes or creative modifications of the typical photos.

In the past year I have taken workshops and seminars from Kim Weston, Andre Gallant, Lindsay Adler and others, led a number of field trips to Big Sur, Yosemite, Point Reyes, etc., been appointed staff photographer at several conferences (including Fanime Cosplay Gatherings), been in several shows and won a number of local awards, and helped various local photographic organizations. 

May you walk in beauty.



There are currently no upcoming classes by this instructor. Please check back later.

an aerial view of the Point Reyes headlands with a green-topped bluffs overlooking the ocean.