PRNSA Field Institute Instructor

Trinka is co-founder of the Hungry Owl Project, an organization dedicated to preserving the owl and its habitat, along with educating the public of the owl’s vital role in keeping balance in nature. She is a certified naturalist in the state of California and holds a degree in Biology with a focus in Ethnology (animal behavior). She received her certification in Natural History in 2007 through the College of Marin. Her studies include Ornithology, Mammology, Animal Behavior, Botany, Marine Biology and Ecology. She has participated in extended biological field studies in both Alaska and the Mojave Desert. She has a small farm in Point Reyes, which she shares with her sheep, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats and of course… the local owls.



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an aerial view of the Point Reyes headlands with a green-topped bluffs overlooking the ocean.