Sponsorship now open for this year's Party on the Pacific Plate event on Saturday, September 23.

Channah Harris

Channah grew up in California’s Central Valley in Woodland, California. She liked the smaller town feel but was always looking forward to getting out, going someplace bigger and more exciting, with more people, art, and hustle and bustle. In 2014 Channah moved to Oakland to attend California College of the Arts. She graduated in 2018 from their Individualized Major Program with high distinction and a BfA in Graphic Design, Textiles, and Sculpture. After spending a significant amount of time in the Bay Area – in Oakland and San Francisco – Channah found that city life wasn’t for her. She spent a lot of time trying to grow out of a culture of agriculture and conservation, only to find that she missed it dearly.

Now, Channah wants to grow into nature. She is passionate about art, sustainability education, and community engagement. Channah wants to make a difference in how young people see their world, and highlight just how much there is to appreciate.