Rich Stallcup Youth in Parks Fund

Rich Stallcup holding a spotting scope on a tripod
Photo By: Will Wilson

The Rich Stallcup Youth in Parks Fund provides funding so that underserved and underrepresented youth may participate in full immersion residential and day-long environmental education programs.

This fund is dedicated in honor of Rich Stallcup, who, as a teenager in the 1950’s with a keen interest in wildlife (but no formal scientific training), discovered Point Reyes to be an internationally important stopover for migrating birds.

Rich’s bird findings spurred more findings, and the recorded count at Point Reyes is now 490 bird species (more than half the count from all of North America).

The birds found by Rich also imbued life (wildlife) into the establishment of Point Reyes National Seashore, initially considered important only for its scenic and recreational values.

Rich’s enthusiasm contributed to the expansion of birding far beyond what was previously a scientific cataloging of dead specimens into what is now a national pastime full of life and fun.

Rich was a founding biologist at Point Reyes Bird Observatory, the first such observatory in the U.S, that now continues as Point Blue Conservation Science.

Bird research is an important foundation for conservation work, and Rich was involved with many struggles to preserve places for nature, including Mono Lake.

An avid naturalist, Rich was interested in “all things wild” and was an extraordinary teacher who inspired countless adults and children with his great knowledge and good humor.

Rich’s friends and colleagues hope that The Rich Stallcup Youth in Parks Fund provides opportunities for youth to make their own discoveries, just as Rich did as a youth and beyond.

Making Camp Affordable

We understand that paying for camp can be a challenge, especially for families with several siblings. To help ease this burden we offer payment plans for all families and need-based full and partial scholarships. To register for a payment plan simply choose that option at check-out and make a downpayment. All summer camp sessions must be paid in full by May 17, 2021.


Point Reyes Summer Camp offers full and partial scholarships! To qualify for a full scholarship, household income should not exceed 1.7 times the federal poverty level. For partial scholarships, income should not exceed 3.5 times the federal poverty level.

To review the HHS Poverty Guidelines for 2021 visit:

Scholarship applications are due by May 1, 2021 (earlier submissions are strongly encouraged) and must include all of the required components in full completion to be eligible for consideration.

If you are applying for a scholarship, register ONLY for the session titled Scholarship ApplicationWe will enroll your child in camp if you are granted a scholarship.