Giacomini Wetlands Anniversary Event

Join Point Reyes National Seashore Association on Saturday, October 28 to celebrate restoration at the Seashore! Our organization partnered with the National Park Service and the community to restore 550 acres of dairy pasture to tidal wetlands. On October 25, 2008, this dairy pasture was reconnected to the waters of Tomales Bay and Lagunitas Creek, and the restored marsh lands were named the Giacomini Wetlands after the family who had ranched the land since it was diked in the 1940s. Since then the area has flourished with ongoing stewardship efforts to support common and rare species of fish, birds, frogs, and benthic invertebrates.

‘The Wetlands’ Staged Reading and Moonwalk

5:15pm – 7:30pm

As part of the 15th celebration of the Giacomini Wetlands Restoration Project, we invite you to experience this healing space through a reading of AriDy Nox’s The Wetlands. Join us bearing witness to Tara and Nita’s journey, as these two Black femmes try to escape from The Wetlands, a liminal space that is a combination of various wetlands they have lived in and worked at over the course of their lives. Tara is a scientist documenting the loss of wetlands across the country and Nita is an enslaved person held captive on a Louisiana plantation. Time bends as the women reflect on their lives and struggle to find oneness with The Wetlands and travel through “the door” to whatever lies beyond.

The Wetlands was inspired by many wetlands, including the Giacomini Wetlands. AriDy worked on the piece while they were a resident at the Mesa Refuge, a writers’ retreat in Point Reyes Station, California overlooking the Giacomini Wetlands. Following the staged reading, directed by Lisa Townsend in collaboration with AriDy and the performers Cassandra Hunter and Kaiy Watts, the audience will be invited to cultivate their own connection to the wetlands by joining the cast on a walk along the adjacent trail under the light of the full moon.

The Wetlands was conceptualized and developed in partnership with Live & In Color. The staged reading at Point Reyes is partially funded by the National Park Foundation.

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Ach Kabal

Stage Manager

AriDy Nox


Cassandra Hunter


Kaiy Watts


Lisa Townsend



The Landscape

Thank you to our wonderful celebration partners!

Mary Anne Flett | Wildlife Biologist
Sally Bolger | Author and former Giacomini Wetlands Restoration Project Manager
Andrew Buckingham | Event Support
John Dell’Osso | Retired National Park Service
Barry Deutsch | Art Director
Jules Evens | Principal, Avocet Research Associates
Ashley Hebert | Event Coordinator
Paul Helzer | Videographer
Cassandra Hunter | Actor
Ach Kabal | Stage Manager
Deirdre Nemmers | Graphic Designer
AriDy Nox | Playwright, Narrator, 2023 Mesa Refuge Resident
Lorraine Parsons | NPS Vegetation/Wetland Ecologist
Hattie Pohlman | Stage Crew
Kate Sylvan | Between Heaven and Earth Catering
Lisa Townsend | Director
Kaiy Watts | Actor
Lori Wynn | Designer/Artist
Mark Cederborg | Managing Partner, Outset Advisors
Julie Gonzalez | PhD Candidate, University of California, Davis

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