Seashore Conservation

Photo By: Daniel Dietrich

Point Reyes National Seashore, the ancestral land of the Coast Miwok, sits on the rugged California coast and is just a short drive from the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Rich in history and biodiversity, Point Reyes is the perfect outdoor classroom. The Seashore offers hiking trails across nearly 70,000 acres of wilderness, mountains, beaches, complex dunes, marshes, and scrub. It offers coves and bays for kayaking, trails for equestrians, and opportunities to see hundreds of bird species, tule elk, seals, sea lions, badgers, bobcats, otters, and more – it’s no surprise the Seashore is part of the Golden Gate Biosphere Reserve.

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What We Do

Point Reyes National Seashore Association (PRNSA) works year-round in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS) to monitor and protect the natural and cultural resources within the park. We secure funding from several sources including private donors, government grants, and foundations to hire seasonal field staff. Our staff then work with NPS project managers on long-term inventory and monitoring of threatened and endangered species, habitat restoration and invasive species removal, and historic and cultural preservation projects in the park.

Species and resources that we help protect:


ChorizaWoolly-headed Spineflower

Woolly Headed Spineflower

Headland Wall Flower

Agrostis blasdalei (Blasdale's Bentgrass)

Blasdale Bent Grass

Northern Curly Leaved Monardella

San Francisco Owl’s Clover

Dried Sonoma Spineflower

Sonoma Spineflower

Beach Layia

Beach Layia

Franciscan Thistle

Franciscan Thistle

Rose Leptosiphon

Perennial Goldfields

Tidestrom’s Lupine


A black rail sitting in pickle weed

Black Rail

Western Snowy Plover

Western Snowy Plover

Juvenile Coho

Coho Salmon

Immature Mountain Beaver

Point Reyes Mountain Beaver

Northern Elephant Seal

Northern Elephant Seal

Spotted Owls

Northern Spotted Owl


Science Communication

The translation of hard science into digestible, public outreach materials is essential to the preservation of natural and cultural resources at Point Reyes. Each year, PRNSA funds Science Communication Internships to help young professionals learn environmental outreach strategies and techniques for communicating important park science. Here are some of their projects:

Interested in joining PNRSA’s conservation staff – either in the field or as a science communication intern? Check our frequently updated jobs website page for conservation opportunities.