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Pole Hiking Training for Veterans and their Families

Pole Hiking Training for Veterans and their Families

Sat, July 22
Free for Veterans and their Families – Learn How to Use Poles for Hiking, Walking, and Exercise!

Learn strategies to enhance your outdoor experiences. Improve confidence and performance on varied terrain.

Uphill: Improve power, endurance, posture, upper body strength, spine function. Downhill: Develop skills for feeling safer and preserving joints – Save your knees! Easy practice hike.

Quality POLES provided.

Register Using this Link: https://www.SierraClub.org/Loma-Prieta/Military-Outdoors

Pre-registration through the Sierra Club Loma Prieta site is required.

This program is free to veterans and their families through a grant by Sierra Military Club Outdoors in partnership with Sierra Club’s Loma Prieta Chapter.