Qigong in Harmony with Nature: Embracing Autumn

Qigong in Harmony with Nature: Embracing Autumn

October 14, 2023
Learn Qigong to move with Mother Earth’s autumn rhythms and cultivate Qi, the vital energy in all that is. Let go and transition to the new.

Qigong is an ancient, healing practice grounded in Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to TCM the 5 elements of water, wood, fire, earth, metal/air are associated with the seasons of the year and the stages in life. Balance and harmony during the seasonal changes are important for health and well-being on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels.

Autumn is the time of the element Metal/Air, which governs the Lungs (healthy air to nourish body) and Large Intestine (antibodies/immune system).

It is the season of letting go and transitioning into the new – as seen in the changing colors of leaves, the migrating birds, the animals harvesting for winter. It can also be a time of increased susceptibility to colds and respiratory infections and a feeling of waning energy.

In this class you will experience Qigong to cultivate Qi, the universal vital energy in all that is, as we move in harmony with Mother Earth’s rhythms in autumn. Learn: special acupressure points to regulate, strengthen, and harmonize the Lungs and Large Intestine; Spiraling Dragon Qigong to cleanse and nourish the Lungs for maximal protection and health; guided meditation to release the old and welcome the new.

* Bring lunch, beverage, a chair, paper or a journal for writing/sketching, and appropriate clothing.

Kaleo and Elise Ching have co-taught (34 years) Qigong, guided journeys, and transformative art processes to connect with realms of nature beyond and within. They have co-taught for John F. Kennedy University (25 years), Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, ILM/LucasFilms, and other venues nationally and internationally. They coauthored Chi and Creativity: Vital Energy and Your Inner Artist (Blue Snake Books, 2007) et al.


Photo Credit: Bill Helsel, used with permission


-We will be meeting at the Bear Valley Picnic Area

– Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in

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What to Bring

Lightweight chair for sitting outdoors

Day Pack


Warm Variable Weather Clothing

Hiking Shoes

Water Bottle

Notebook and Pen/Field Journal

Eventbrite Confirmation Email

Binoculars (Optional)

Camera (Optional)

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