Trees of Bear Valley

Trees of Bear Valley

Sun, June 30
Trees are drama in slow motion! Learn to identify a variety of tree species in Bear Valley while enjoying their stories and relationships.

Beautiful, and so much more! Trees are drama in slow motion, mystery in plain sight. Learn to identify the many tree species of Bear Valley while learning their stories and relationships, strengths and vulnerabilities. This will be a low-exertion walk with the chance to meet a great variety of trees.

Trees/ shrubs could include:


–California bay laurel

–Blue gum eucalyptus


–Coast live oak

–Coyote brush

–Red elderberry



–Red alder

Topics could include:

–How do trees grow and repair themselves?

–What’s the deal with mycorrhizae?

–What are the different strategies for surviving fire?

–How have human activities impacted the vegetation of Bear Valley?

–How do the different trees reproduce, and how is that going?

–What are landscape disturbances, and are they good or bad?

–All-time greatest hits “What’s that thing in the tree?” and “What’s this thing I found on the ground?”

We’ll meet at the Red Barn classroom to learn a little bit about Bear Valley. Then we’ll walk a two- to three-mile loop of the Earthquake and Kule Loklo trails, and perhaps the Woodpecker Trail as a bonus. Terrain is mostly flat with some uphill. For any specific accessibility questions, please contact instructor at

Naomi Sorbet loves plants and their relationships and functions within ecosystems. Her fascination, sparked by an elementary school trip to Point Reyes, resulted in studying Environmental Sciences and Forestry at UC Berkeley. Currently, she advocates for landscaping with locally-native plants as an easy way to support biodiversity where we live. Naomi is a frequent hiker and backpacker and has worked in urban and sustainable forestry, environmental education and, habitat restoration in the Sierra Nevada and around the Bay.

Photo Credit: Avani Fachon


-We will meet at the Red Barn Classroom

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What to Bring

Day Pack


Warm Variable Weather Clothing

Hiking Shoes

Water Bottle

Notebook and Pen/Field Journal

Eventbrite Confirmation Email

Binoculars (Optional)

Camera (Optional)

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