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Untangling California’s Kelp Forests

Recorded on September 19, 2021
Celebrating Sea Otter Awareness Week
Kick-off Sea Otter Awareness week with PRNSA and UC Santa Cruz’s Dr. Joshua Smith. Take a deep dive with him in this free webinar to see how the double-whammy of two unprecedented events, a marine heatwave, and a sea star catastrophe lead to a sea urchin outbreak, and how this changing ecosystem helped to fine-tune our understanding of the critical role of sea otters. This is the opening event for Sea Otter Awareness Week. This year’s theme highlights the idea that the sea otter’s ecosystem is a mosaic in which the removal of key elements or damage to the system’s structure renders the ecological picture incomplete. Let’s see what role we can play in that mosaic together.

This event is brought to you in part by our friends at Sea Otter Savvy!