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World Listening Day


World Listening Day on July 18 honors the birthday of R. Murray Schafer, a renowned composer who pioneered research into the relationship of sound, people, and the environment. Schafer’s development of the World Soundscape Project, a group working to record, catalog, and explore the sounds of the natural world, initiated the modern study of acoustic ecology. An important part of the NPS mission is to preserve and restore the natural resources of the parks, including the natural soundscapes associated with units of the national park system. At the Seashore, we have our own team of sound artists, who are capturing the wild sounds of the park – and they’ve gathered some sounds to celebrate the day!

TEST YOUR EARS! Take a moment to try to guess what sounds you hear below. Once you think you know the sound, click on the answer box!


Sound #1

Hint: This songbird is smaller than an American Robin, but larger than a White-throated Sparrow.


Sound #2

Hint: This sound is of a critical riparian habitat.


Sound #3

Hint: Although surrounded by chirping birds, this species is a mammal.


Sound #4

Hint: This species lives on the beach, but you’ve probably never seen it.


Sound #5

Hint: At Point Reyes, this species is often found near a Ranger.