Pole Walking for Balance and Maintaining Mobility

Pole Walking for Balance and Maintaining Mobility

July 31, 2021
Easy-to-learn pole techniques and gentle exercises will empower you to maintain independence, stamina, strength, and form!

When PoleWalking, you feel invigorated, taller and more confident! Join us as we discuss skills and techniques to help improve balance, endurance, spine function, walking gait and posture. Easy-to-learn techniques can help people navigate everyday obstacles and strengthen muscles that support your joints. Top quality poles and special balance tips provided. Learn which poles fit you best and will help you achieve your goals. Easy pace and gentle practice.

Here are more BENEFITS of Learning Optimal Use of POLES:

 Achieve, maintain, even regain mobility

 Reduce risk of falling

 Use your upper body muscles to improve strength and help preserve your joints

 Reduce stress on knees, hips and spine

 Maintain & restore spine function; improve bone density

 Poles are sporty (and FUN), so encourage compliance and use

 Improve performance on a variety of terrain – expand your capabilities & horizons

 Using poles encourages focus so that you can more easily achieve these many benefits

 Enjoy the outdoors, connect with your buddies and get great exercise!

Who can benefit from learning these skills?

Walkers, and anyone with mild to moderate mobility issues/challenges benefit from learning these skills. Additionally, this class will benefit anyone preparing for or recovering from joint surgery as well as those with Parkinson’s, MS, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, diabetes, etc.. The mobility class is not for hikers – hiking with poles is a different class on much more varied and challenging terrain.

The triple win of poles is that (1) you’re able to engage your whole body while walking and (2) you can connect with your buddies while (3) enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Consider taking this PoleWalking class and experience the profound feeling of freedom that comes with learning optimal pole use.

Website: www.PolesForMobility.com

Blog: www.AdventureBuddiesBlog.com

Jayah Faye Paley is an ACE certified Trainer and Mobility Coach and the creator of an award-winning training on how to use POLES for Hiking, Walking and Mobility. Since 1998, Jayah has taught seminars helping and inspiring people of diverse abilities to achieve their fitness goals and more fully enjoy the outdoors using poles.


-We will be meeting at the Red Barn Classroom in Bear Valley

– Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in

– Refunds available for all classes 7 days in advance of the start date, after 7 days and before 2 days, participants can credit their class for a future date. All requests before 48 hours in advance will be declined. For COVID cancellation policy, see below.

– Please follow the parking instructions for the facility used that day

– Please provide an email you check regularly for updates and reminders about your class

– Registration is required online prior to the event in order to maintain class sizes

– Sales end 48 hours before the start date.

– Waitlists are available when the class sells out

What to Bring:

Comfortable/sturdy walking shoes

Day Pack

Lunch Bag

Warm Variable Weather Clothing

Water Bottle

Notebook and Pen/Field Journal

Eventbrite Confirmation Email

Binoculars (Optional)

Camera (Optional)

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COVID-19 Field Institute Guidelines

In accordance with Marin County and CDC guidelines for public health, we will require all participants to respect the following COVID-19 procedures:

• Perform a health self-check before coming to class using the CDC Symptoms of Coronavirus as a guide

• Do not attend class if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, suspect you have been exposed to the virus, or are suffering from any other flu-like or respiratory illness.

• Participants exhibiting signs of respiratory illness may be asked to leave class

During class all participants will be required to do the following

• We recommend that all participants continue to wear masks at this time, however, in accordance with CDC guidelines, exceptions can be made for fully vaccinated individuals if desired.

Fully vaccinated individuals may remove masks for outdoor classes if they continue to maintain a 6’ distance from other participants.

• Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear a face covering unless farther than 6’ from other participants in an outdoor class.

• Continue to maintain a 6 foot physical distance from other participants not belonging to your household

• Bring your own food and water

• Current group sizes are still limited, there will be no physical contact or sharing of food and drink, and no shared physical equipment or materials unless they are sanitized before and after use, and used by only one person for the duration of class

NOTE: Refund policy exceptions will be made for participants cancelling last minute due to COVID-19 infection or symptoms. Please contact us in this case.

Thank you for your continuing cooperation in following these guidelines to help keep everyone safe.